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Full Control

  • For the decision maker / auditor/ manager
  • Organized data by driver
  • Time of day
  • location
  • location
  • and a multitude of data

Empowered Riders

  • Consumer is empowered with important communication such as
  • Where is the ride
  • When is the ride arriving
  • Who is the driver
  • What accessibility features
  • How is the driver rated
  • And price of the ride

Driver smart device

Drivers can maintain communication with the rider as well as call center via push of button to assure continuous accountability and visibility

Fleet management

Fleet management to assist fleet manager be on top of vehicle and driver registration, maintenance. Repair shop management for repair tracking and shop vendor payment processing

Who we are?

  • We design for ease of communication and function
  • We will never deliver a design solely based on price or shelf availability
  • Every solution in the transit sector is
  • thought through
  • Designed
  • Tested
  • produced at unbelievable prices
  • and is a design in progress that we would want for our own company

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